Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ranks in the Military

Ranks in the military vary from service to service. Rank is earned by time and being in good conduct. The military is very strict when it comes to discipline and it is very important to keep a good record if one wants to earn rank which in turn brings more pay and more responsibility.

Ranks in the military vary from service to service. In the Marine Corps it starts with private and after a few months Private First Class is obtained. The rank of lance Corporal will be earned after nine months of good time. The first three ranks in the Marines are automatic if a clean record has been kept.

The rank to Corporal is not automatic and many factors are looked at when a lance Corporal is considered for the next rank. the many factors considered for the rank of Corporal are time in grade, time in service, fitness test, rifle qualification, military education. All these factors will give the Lance Corporal points to accumulate and every month there is a score that has to be met with all these points accumulated and if the Lance Corporal meets the score then he gets promoted.

The rank of Sergeant is earned the same way as the Corporal but of course the score to meet to earn the Rank of Sergeant will be higher since more responsibility will be placed on a Sergeant.

The rank of Staff Sergeant all the way to Sergeant Major has to go through a promotion board in Headquarters Marine Corps to decide who is eligible to be promoted to the next rank. It is a process that may take up to two months but it is necessary to ensure that only qualified Marines will be promoted.

Ranks in the military is what defines the structure to follow and how the organization will work, all Armed Forces Services have their own Rank structure but it only varies slightly from service to service.

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